Coaching for runners

Are you interested in having me as your coach? I coach people from all around the world using Final Surge as the main platform and Stripe as the payment solution – as long as you speak english, I can help you.

Many years of experience as a runner and coach

I have experience with all distances from 800m to ultra trail running on elite level and have been on the national team at several occations. I have also coached everything from beginners to runners at  the international elite level.

A running coach with practical as well as scientific background

I use my practical experience as well as my scientific background (master’s degree in sports science) to coach in a manner, that focuses not only on physical performance, but also mental performance with emphasis on creating a programme, that has a balance that works for you, in your life.

Are you interested?

I don’t have a “standard solution”, so if you are interested, feel free to contact me at to learn more!

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